DISCLAIMER: While this page contains comments from a few clients about their experience with me it must be understood that every case is different and that the outcome of one is not indicative of the outcome of any other. Every case is different in almost every aspect and the experiences of each client will vary in almost every aspect as well. While these people express their opinions and feelings about their individual experiences with me it is not to be seen as a predictor of any other person’s experiences or an outcome in any case.

The internet can be full of misinformation and people who, for whatever reason, hide behind the anonymous keyboard to say whatever they see fit. This is my little part of the world where I can actually tell you the good things people say about me (and yes, there are good things to be said about family law lawyers :)).  By the way, these are all real people and their own words and I love all these people! Makes my job worth it…

D.S.: I cannot express how grateful I am to have found and used Jayne Pearman as my attorney.  When others were solely interested in “ka-ching” in my time of distress, that is not where her interest was, she was an advocate in every sense of the word.   I needed someone that wouldn’t be afraid to guide me when I had faulty thinking, someone I could trust and be there for me.  She was the light I needed to get me thru the fog.  Thank you Jayne.

N.Y.:  Jayne was my third lawyer on my divorce case, which I believe was a very difficult case.  The opponent lawyer was ruthless and has no work ethics.  So I needed to get a lawyer who can put that opponent in their place, and Jayne was just that one, my first two lawyers were only interested in prolonging the case in order to rack in more money.  As for Jayne, right from our first meeting, she set the expectations and informed me of my rights and possible outcomes.  She was very honest, straight forward and didn’t just tell me what I wanted hear rather than telling me the facts.  Jayne was very organized, well oriented, and very easy to work with.  When Jayne took on my case, the judge had already made some rulings that I believed were not fair, with Jayne’s hard work, knowledge and awareness of the law, she was able to overturn those rulings in my favor.  I will always recommend Jayne as she is very honest, knowledgeable and a hard working lawyer who will fight for her clients with sincerity.

L.K.:  I retained Jayne Pearman’s attorney services last year when I filed for a divorce.  My divorce was a very difficult one  and Jayne kept me informed of any situations as they arose.  She was very personable and showed sincere concern for my well being.  Throughout the divorce process she displayed professionalism, knowledge & her experience was evident in the outcome of my divorce.  I would highly recommend Jayne and I do believe you would be fortunate to engage in her services.

M.R.: I wish I had been introduced to Jayne earlier in my divorce process. Her experience showed by negotiating in a straightforward manner, drama free and laying out the process made the easier for me handle and reduced my anxiety. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an attorney.

K. M.:  Jayne’s advice and work on my two cases was exceptional.  Family legal matters can easily get out-of-hand so that future interactions with the other side are difficult or impossible.  Jayne offered the right balance between decisive action and reasoned response.  Very professional!

M.S.:  In the courtroom, Jayne has consistently been well prepared and has done a great job representing me in a high conflict case that has ruled in my favor every time. Outside the courtroom, she’s been readily accessible and strategic, two things that I have valued highly. I’ve recommended Jayne multiple times and will continue to do so.

D.N.: Jayne was very helpful in my time of need. She is very experienced and knows the law. She always answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. I would recommend Jayne A. Pearman to anyone who has issues regarding family law and any other related matters.

Michael A.: Jayne and her paralegal Laura are a highly competent and efficient legal team that know the Johnson County KS Court system very well. I’m a father to a very young child in an extraordinarily difficult custody case. Prior to Jayne representing me, my parental rights and parenting time had been unreasonable, and justice was sporadic. Jayne has helped turn the case around in the right direction, resulting in my parental rights being restored and having equal 50/50 custody. I highly recommend Jayne and Laura.

Ryan R.:  I came to Jayne Pearman with an issue more important to me than anything in the world, the custody of my children.  Jayne had several strong referrals from people that I trusted. I was impressed with her diligence and execution in the courtroom. I honestly feel that she fought for me as some one as close as family would. Her level of professionalism and compassion was second to none.

J. O.:   Jayne Pearman will protect your best interests even when you don’t know what they are. She has great insight and experience to help you make good choices and provides clear perspective in what can be emotionally difficult and mentally challenging time.  She is a decision you won’t regret.