What sets you apart from other attorneys?

What Sets me Apart
I have practiced law for over 25 years, and was a partner in a large law firm handling complex personal injury litigation, frequently requiring appearances in front of judges and juries to argue the case before forming my own law practice. My trial experience is extensive, both in front of juries and court tried cases. Such a background gives me the confidence that if a settlement is not feasible for any reason, then my trial skills and experience will be an invaluable asset to the client.

I have an undergraduate degree, Cum Laude, in Accounting, which gives me exceptional knowledge and background in understanding and handling the complexities of personal finances in a divorce. I provide effective and aggressive representation and work well with the emotional aspects of the divorce as well as the financial. I am willing to accept difficult cases and believe that even those can be resolved short of trial with the proper handling of the case.

I am also a really good listener and pretty good at some advice on the personal side of divorce as well. It is not legal advice, but my clients have told me that it has really been helpful to them.