What professional accomplishments are you most proud of?

First, my academic career is something I continue to be proud of.  I then went to work and tried many cases as a young lawyer in front of juries with a great deal of success. My trial skills have served me well over the years.  I have grown into the family law area and enjoy it more with every year that goes by.  While some think a divorce attorney is a negative thing, there really is a sense of gratification that many do not see.  I really feel like I am helping people when they feel helpless, trapped or afraid. I have had occasion to stop a possible suicide by being there emotionally as a support system when the client had no one else.  I am not judgmental – I allow everyone to live the life they want. If they want my help, all they have to do is ask.   While the emotional side of this practice is very rewarding for me, my background in accounting and my strong legal skills give me a special ability to help people who come without those skills. I love to teach people to become active in their own financial lives and empower them to believe that they are going to survive when the divorce process is over. It is a new beginning and I enjoy being there to see people survive and grow.  I am the strength to the weakness of others when they need it most. I then empower them to find their strength.  If I have financially advanced clients, I have the education in Accounting to be able to understand and work together on complex financial issues.  As the years go by, I enjoy the legal community that I work within.  Some of the family law attorney’s in the area are the best and brightest around and it is a pleasure to work with many as I know that I can trust them to practice the kind of blue ribbon law that I am most proud of.  We honor our clients by the quality of work we provide.