What distinguishes you from other practitioners in their field?

What Distinguishes Me
I am a trial lawyer with over 25 years of experience in trial, both to a judge and jury.  I had top of the line training with large firms out of school for over 13 years. I know what I am doing and I am not afraid to go to court. You would be surprised at how many attorney’s are inexperienced in this area and it can impact the quality of representation received.  My goal is never to go to court as I think competent attorneys should be able to accomplish as good a result as a judge, if not better, if everyone is working together. We rarely need a Judge to tell us how to resolve something if everyone is working towards a common goal.   But when it is necessary, you want an attorney who can handle the task.  I think my personality is unique in that I have the ability to see the big picture and maintain good perspective.  I do not take on my client’s emotional issues and lose the impartiality I need to be an effective counselor for the client.  I have the ability to maintain balance and perspective (with a sense of humor thrown in now and again), while aggressively advocating my client’s position and coming up with creative solutions. I will not hesitate to go to trial when that is the only viable alternative.