I want a real “bulldog” for an attorney – is that best? And are you a “bulldog”?

I can be  – but I do not choose to be unless absolutely necessary.  I want all matters to settle outside of court as that is always the best for all concerned.  I work very well with most attorneys in the area towards an amicable settlement.  In the event a case is tried, which is surprisingly rare, I conduct myself in a businesslike matter at all times. But I can be very effective in trial – make no mistake. I have a lot of years trying cases, both in front of a jury and a judge.  I know what I am doing.  However, if someone wants an attorney who simply is difficult to make the other side miserable, I am not the person for the job.  I will terminate a client if they ask me to take actions that I believe are unethical, unreasonable or vindictive or if I believe the client is doing anything of that nature. I strive to be a professional and to do you a service, and “crazy” is not a service I provide.  It is amazing how much can be accomplished with the right representation on both sides.  I have the utmost respect for most of my opposing counsel and I hope they feel the same about me.  I will not fight the fight in useless letters and emails to my opponent bickering back and forth.  We will try to prepare the case and hopefully settle the case.  There are many avenues to help a case settle and we will make every effort to accomplish that result.   If settlement is not successful, my trial skills will be useful in court where it really matters.