Do you represent more men or women?

I actually represent both and it is almost an equal balance between the two.  I do not really have a preference and enjoy working on behalf of both.  While some firms suggest that they protect the rights of women or men, people need to realize that the law is the law and that the rights of both men and women are considered and, with competent counsel, protected.  For any client my job is to represent them to the very best of my ability, regardless of gender.  I have the luxury of perspective in my cases, which is part of what I am being hired to provide.  I have to look at the facts of each case and determine with my client the best probable outcome and work to achieve that.  I am aware that there are some “mommy” biases in the family law arena (which is simply a reflection of the “mommy” bias in society), and men need to recognize that and work to overcome it in their particular situation in order to effectively obtain as much parenting time as possible. I enjoy giving both men and women a voice when often they feel as if they have none.